Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shekinah CG Family - EvoLving! =)

It's quite not a surprise that it has been six month since this simple treasure of blog was updated. Oh well, there are a lot of probable reasons why is that so, which I don't really wanna give some focus so just read on okay =P

Yes! Knowing that it's been a while, surely there were a lot of good and awesome things happened within each one of us. I am not exactly sure what triggers me to start writing something in here but one thing I can confirm is that I was inspired to do so. Perhaps inspired by the love and the unspeakable joy currently roaming within the veins of my spirit together with Thy Holy Spirit.

Let's see how do I continue this.... Uhhmm.. yeah, so I've decided to step down from being the so-called "CG Leader" and I'm grateful to have Kenny rising up to the occasion. Ofcourse, I believe that it's not simply about him rising up but it is the Holy Spirit's works that made it happen. Arriving at such a decision was never easy for me, putting it into execution was even more challenging but again, I'm really thankful for God's amazing grace that it all came to pass. I'm sure that it will not be easy for Kenny but I trust and believe that he will be able to do it with the same God's amazing grace and his passion for it. There you go - something new... Kenny the new CG leader. =)

I guess it isn't just about Kenny's adjustment but also from each of my beloved dearies' adjustments and adaptation, not to mention my own personal adjustments..LOL. *winks* Yeah that's right, I realized that I have to do a few things within myself to be able to adapt to the change as well. Not really easy but I always take change as a challenge and the goal is to overcome it - always.

So, that's the first part of evolution! The second one is basically highlighting the existence of our new members of the family =) It's funny that we always tease each other that our CG have different generations included. Well, I'd say it's the reality and I'd say it's a good one! Why? Because we have more range of learning from each other. Normally the young ones learn from the not so young ones but I believe it should be vice versa. Sometimes, for us not so young ones, we need some inputs from younger ones for us to be reminded about the basics. Basics are important ya! =)

The last wonderful things happened were the engagement of Julie & Melvyn, and, Tze Han & Lay Ching. I personally have some valued memories with these two couples that I'm glad I had and I need to specially mention TH & LC. =) These couples for start, have a common denominator. However, God is really good and the Holy Spirit is really doing a good job in speaking deeply into each one's heart. You should know what I mean right? Message me if you wanna clear things up..LOL.

Soon, we'll have married couples in the "house", then with the new "babies" so to speak, indeed Shekinah is evolving and well essentially Imma say expanding. =) Well there's another couple in the house that is oh well you know... probably anticipated to go the same way JM and TL did! For the rest, I know that we're all hopeful and prayerful of good things yet to happen.

There's no such thing as perfect. Even each one of us sometimes come to a point of arguements, misunderstanding, hurting one another in "I dunno" way, etc. etc.... each of these imperfections are being molded and nurtured with the presence of one another together with the Holy Spirit, as we continue to choose to fix our eyes and our hearts to the author and perfecter of our faith - the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let's rock! =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

update update! Some funny pics

Group Shot of some of the EPCC folks during Gavin & Shirley's Wedding

We were waiting for the newly wed couple to come. While waiting... we just took some shots o.

Nice shot with the newly wed couple

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yeah, it's been a while since this precious blog was updated. Thanks to Yin, someone in the clan who doesn't really like "dull" she normally finds it boring and took the initiative to give it a shot to blog in here once again ;)

After the Redang getaway, which will not happen again as a "CG Outing", lol.... everyone I believe had enjoyed it, however, some may have felt exhausted (maybe?). Well, normally it is whoever is the organizer *winks at Lay Ching* :P but I'd say generally - all had FUN!

Anyways, as the above title says so...allow me to do a little bit of recollection for the past "many" months in between.

Arcade all you can! (March '09) - So, a couple of weeks after Redang...we planned for an unlimited Arcade games as our CG Outing. Had dinner together first then off to One-Stop to play arcades.. Wohooo.. Check this pic out as everyone geared for Daytona..brooommm...

MAFIA (Matthew And Friends In Action), April '09 - It's our Good Friday celebration and everyone enjoyed it. It tackled the significance of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. Here's a pic of Yin sharing her testimony :)

Shirley's Farewell (May'09) - happened somewhere first week of May. She decided to go Singapore and work there so we had organize a simple farewell dinner for her plus her birthday celebration and Felix's. Check this cute pic out! :)

Marcus & Tze Han's bday bash (May'09) - We did a simple surprise for the two guys through our ice breaker :)

Kid's Carnival (May '09) - Since 90% of Shekinah is in Children's ministry, most of them were involved in this event. Somehow, the "Shekinah CG" was a part of it selling hotdogs!

Jai-Ho Dance, CG Performance (May '09) - After so many weeks of practice, the thought of dancing JaiHo has come to pass last 31st of May :) Those were the days that Slumdog Millinaire movie was a fuzz as it won the Best Picture award! Here's the aftermath photo (there's a video of it, check it out in our facebook :P)

June '09? Nothing much in my calendar record. We laylo'ed a bit :P:P Errr.. not really I'd say because we were playing Captain Ball every Sunday afternoon during this month I guess... :)

EPCC Family Day (July '09) - It was a time of gathering together with the bigger scale of our spiritual family. We were the Green Team! =)

Aug '09 (yet another unforgettables) - Errr.. I'm not really sure what happened last August! LOL ahahaha...I thought I was a bit mushy but errrr.... when it was for real, I felt ackward :S (sheeesshh.) Nah, kidding aside.. it was really touching (until my bone marrow :P) Here you go a glimpse of it =)

Well, I'm kinda so looking forward to the BUKIT MERAH outing! Hope everyone is so too..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

After a quarter

hellos! fellow shekinahians!

By the time you read this,
it is probably like what? A year? two years? For some, probably a decade, huh!

Weird! when the blog was first initiated, everyone was so excited about it.
Slowly it dies off.

Does it apply to the CG and to God as well?

No right?
So why the sudden coldness in the blog..
So boring..
So dull..
Everytime i look at it..
No updated post!

The purpose of the blog is for us to share what we encounter daily, for me esp the time when i have to rant about stuff.
Scream bout stuff

But hey! LOOK Here!!

the happy me decided to say something today!!!

Just want you all to know that,
in our daily life, we may be very busy, but are we really so so busy?

Anyway, i was listening to Pr Alex summon yesterday, thanks to Becky for updating it in facebook, else i would be to busy to even check it out!

It is about slow down or go down
Luke 10:38-42

Remember! Not to be distracted by responsibility and be attracted by relationship!

I listen to the surmon, but i cannot remember all. ! i remember what applies to me most today! HAHAHA..!! so if you want to know more, learn more

please log in to

That's all for today! You will catch me more here soon! :)